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Custom Digi Stitch Patches

These emblems and patches are a combination of our famous DIGIPRINT and Embroidered Patches. Certain portions of the logo can be embroidered to give a 3D look and texture.

Material Types (Digi Stitch Patches):

FA – This type of fabric has a classic look. It is visually superior and has a nicer finish when compared to other sublimated patches in the market. With a thickness of 520 microns, it is perfect for all types of patches. This is our preferred fabric type for emblems with laser cut or printed borders.

FL – Emblems made from this type of fabric stand out for its matte appearance with an ultrasoft tactile feel and touch. It is our thickest material at 920 microns.

Soft Twill – Being our most popular fabric this textile has the aesthetic of traditional twill with a soft texture. It mimics the traditional woven look while still being able to replicate complex designs. Prefect for emblems using the satin border option.

Soft Felt – Mimics the feel of plush mink fabric as it is extremely soft.

Production Time:

7 – 10 business days (After pre-production approval and up to 300 pieces)

Border Options:

Laser Cut – No border or printed border. Cut to shape.
Satin Border – This border can be utilized onto any shape. Can be easily custom fit onto your unique custom shaped designs. (Can only be used for FL, Soft Felt, and Soft Twill)

Backing Options:

Heat Seal – Can be used to easily apply patches onto apparel with a heat press.
Pressure Sensitive (Stick-On) – Used for easy application onto hard goods. (example: helmets, tumblers, etc.)

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